Friday, August 19, 2016


A little late with the title, but yeah, its 2016 lol. Besides that, it's currently 2:47AM and I have to get up for work tomorrow in 4 hours. Quite bad timing to suddenly have the urge to blog haha. Well I always come back here at the weirdest moments and hey, I'm probably the only one who reads my blogs. But somehow it feels reassuring to always come back here as though it's some kind of secret place of memories XD

Lots has happened in the past 2 years. Can't believe that 2 years has already gone by and soon to be 3 years!! :O Pretty freaky that I'm turning 21 this year. Sigh. Getting old already :(
So let's see, in the past 2 years, I completed college, started my degree in Mechanical Engineering; not a fan but it'll do for a decent education. Currently halfway through my degree and man, it has been tough. Not just on the academic aspect but also on the social, psychological and mental aspects. Besides that, I got into my first relationship which did not end so well. We were both not ready and not right for each other. Don't really wanna get into that but yeah, on the bright side, I learnt a lot about relationships and what I should or shouldn't do in the future one(s).

My dance crew PLZ disbanded too. Kinda sad about that but I guess we're all growin' up and starting to get busy with our lives. We still do hangout occasionally though. Ahhh dontcha just hate growing up.

ANEEWAYYZ, don't wanna sound so depressing!! It's true that bad stuff has happened along the way but there were tonnes and tonnes of good times too. I can't exactly recall everything since it's almost 3AM but a few of the good things were that I've been getting blessed with awesome results in uni, God has provided for me financially, emotionally and mentally throughout my circumstances; I've growned to know God even more than I did before, and overall I'm learning more and more each day. Learning never does stop, and each day I hope that I'll learn something new, something I didn't know before, something that propels me forward in life towards the true purpose of my being here. So far what I've got is that this life was meant for us to have fellowship, with God and with people, and to learn what true love is. No, not the "butterflies in your stomach love", the sacrificial love that Jesus displayed on the cross.

I'm really hungry right now.. like as in for food. Gosh it'll be bad to eat right now but I think I have to coz my stomach can't handle all this blogging. BRB.

Okay cools. got my food. Ok now I'm actually directionless with this post. I guess it was supposed to be an update of my life but I don't know what else to say. Ehhhh.... or rather I just don't feel safe to share personal stuff anymore -_- Oh screw it, I'll just vaguely express myself here. So there was this girl which I had a mini crush on who apparently had a bf but returned "questionable" signals to me (I found out abt the boyfriend part very much later on) . But yeah, great huh? Don't know why some girls do that, like c'mon if you already taken just say so. Don't go giving the wrong signals just for the thrill of being chased. You're wasting their time and their efforts. I've decided to just stop looking for the one and let God be God. Decided to live normally and if one day I meet the right one then yay, but if not then too bad. Looking for the one only added to my pile of regrets in life. I wasn't ready, did not have my intentions straight, and sad to say, quite superficial. But life goes on and I'm definitely moving on day by day.

Alright, I think I'll stop here because I really don't think I'm blogging right -.-" Feel like my paragraphs and just random explosions of thoughts. Maybe next time.

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