Friday, March 7, 2014

Hi There.

So hello guys. I'm back with another post after a lengthy 7 months.. as usual. lol! Hmm okay well heres whats been going down recently. I've been busy with 3 things, mainly college, dance, a lil bit of music, and all my other little hobbies. I'm currently in my 3rd semester of foundation in science. The first two semesters went pretty well I think, and it wasn't as hard as I imagined. But well lets put that aside for now, what I really wanna blog about is from my heart.

As you guys know from my previous posts I've been having a little difficulty with finding purpose and motivation to life, or to the things that I'm doing. And in these 7 months I actually found a solution to that. Although its quite personal, what I can share is that, the key to living a happy life is to be truly happy with yourself. Thats the first and most important step. Now I know you might say that you can't be happy with yourself because or many various reasons, but ask yourself, is there something about yourself or something you're doing that you're not particularly happy about? If yes, what can you do about it?

This was the approach that I took. I wouldn't recommend trying to change how you look coz that would probably leave you with an unsatisfying feeling. However, you can change your actions. I put in a lot of effort, conscious effort, to try and change those things and in the end I really experienced a whole new me. I was happy again, smiling more often, treated people with more love and related with them more than ever. Its like everything just started getting better gradually. And trust me when I say this, when you are happy with yourself, you will start to look in the mirror and think you look great. SERIOUSLY. I'm not even joking when I say that I started to think that I looked more handsome over time lol! Hahahah. Well anyway, the bottom line is, try to change the way you live, and not the way you look.

Now I used past tense to all I've said well because, I actually went back to my old ways and everything good just started going down the drain again :( it sucks.. but I guess that's life, you know sometimes you're gonna fall face flat to the ground time after time. We ain't superhuman. But at least as humans we know how to get back up again and again. So don't ever give up even if you fail. Even if you think you're gonna fail again, FAIL TRYING. This life is an uphill race, and you're gonna roll all the way down if you give up.

Wow, alright I just went #deep mode. Haha. Now for more relaxing stuff, heres a picture of me and my niece;

she's the cutest niece i've ever had (i've had 1 niece so far)

Alrighty I'm gonna leave this post as it is, don't wanna drag a speech too long. Oh yeah, remember to drive safe everyone. Those extra minutes could cost you your limb or your life. It ain't worth it. Just a random advice that came to mind.

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