Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Must I think of a title every single time D:

SUP. Just wanted to blog and share about my day today.. well actually my past 2 days. Today and yesterday went by pretty fast that I actually thought today was Monday -_- (its tuesday btw i think) So in these 2 days I met some really interesting people who I talked to and these 2 people really inspired me and told me something that I needed to know. And I can't help but feel that this was a sign from God. I mean, look at my previous post. These 2 people popped out of nowhere the next day after that post. In my opinion, coincidences like these are just God's way of working in our lives.

Alright, now I'll tell you about the first person I met. Her name is Juliet, she's from China and studying in my college. As I was walking alone through college heading to the gym, passing the cafeteria I spotted one of my friends, Shun Ling, from the vocal class I was attending. Trying to be friendly, I walked over to talked to her and at the time she was with her friend Juliet. So I didn't really expect anything but just a casual conversation like "whatcha doing", "where you going later" or "hows class", but to my surprise, something more meaningful happened. I was introduced to Juliet who seemed a little introvert but somewhat sociable. I don't really know why but I grabbed a chair and decided to sit down and have a chat with them. We had small talks here and there, got to know each other a little better, and after a while, Juliet started opening up and sharing more and more about herself and her ideals. She just seemed so different and unique in her own way. I just kept thinking to myself about how she had a special perspective about everything.

So staying to listen, she said many things which I could relate to. Juliet talked about how she was a selfish person, who always thought she was the best and that she could do anything without help from others. Because, that's how she was raised and also most of the people in China. But then, she realised that whatever she did, there was still an emptiness that somehow couldn't be filled. After that, something happened to her which gave her a huge wake up call. This caused her to take some time to think and re-evauluate herself. In desperate search for an answer, she read many many books about psychology. She said that, the important thing in life isn't about what you do, what you achieve, neither how much money you can make rather it is about the people you meet in life, and the relationships you have with them. It is about the interaction with the people around you that makes life special. In the end, what is the point of having all the success and money in the world when you end up all alone? Wouldn't you want to share that with somebody? As she said this I felt in my heart, that this was what God was trying to tell me. This was the answer that he had for me.

She also said that she is naturally a shy and introvert person but there is like another person with a greater potential inside of her, telling her to go out, talk to people, make friends and ensuring her that she would be great and people would love her. She said, don't care whether people think you are beautiful or not, whether you're good enough or not, just be you and get out there. As narcissistic as it sounds, a little self-motivation and self-esteem really helps a person, especially if they are naturally shy and introvert. Little do people know, I actually have little confidence in myself and low self-esteem. I don't believe in myself. So hearing this really helped me. A lot. When she was talking, I realised that I was paying such close attention to every word she was saying, even though her English wasn't very good but I seemed to be able to understand everything. And before I knew it, almost 2 hours had already gone by and I had to go home coz my dad already reached my college. The things she said really gave me a lot to think about.

OKAY! Now then, the other person which I had a similarly interesting and meaningful talk with was.. Daniel Lee! The 2nd Malaysian idol! Hehe. He just so happened to be the vocal coach of the vocal class I was attending in the programme 'Do Not Thing' After like 4 hours of singing practice, we went to have dinner. There he shared about himself and his beliefs. I was really inspired because even though he is a celebrity but he is so nice, kind, humble and isn't money-minded like most celebrities are. He coached us for so long and even arranged for an extra class (and i think he's doing it for free). Just by seeing the way he teaches us, you know immediately that he's really sincere in what he does and that whatever he is teaching is straight from his heart. So I asked him, what was his motivation and why is he so humble? He told me that, he wasn't always humble or who he is today. He was just like any other snobbish, money-minded, arrogant celebrity in the starting of his career. But after a while his career started going downhill until one day he just broke down (similar to what happened to Juliet) and he did reevaluation as well and decided to change himself and his ways of thinking. Daniel said that, if you do something just for the money, in the end the only thing you will get is money. If you do something just to satisfy others, in the end you won't be satisfied. But in whatever you do, if you do it sincerely from the bottom of your heart, you will find the satisfaction and joy in doing it. And also his principle is to be sincere to others and help them to smile or be happy. He wants to use his singing to be able to inspire and touch others.

After hearing all this, I feel so much better because I now have a direction, a guideline. I know what I should do and what I should aim for. Although some people might not be able to relate to whatever they said, the things they said really cleared the haze in my heart and mind. So just wanted to blog about this so that I could look back at this in future :)
That's bout it. Keep your head up. THINK POSITIVE for the mind is powerful, and whatever you think will affect the way you live.

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