Friday, June 28, 2013


Kay! So, I've started college.. and it wasn't really what I was expecting. I thought that college was like high-school but 10 times the fun and freedom. Hahaha. Guess I was badly mistaken. Feels more like a big-ass tuition centre. My first couple of weeks there was torturing. Staying restless for so long without anything interesting to do was like being cut slowly from the inside.
But later on, it got better la. Started joining the very very few activities and clubs that are available in Segi, and it paid off! Met a bunch of new people, and I got more involved in the college society. Joined the gym, music club, anime club and Christian fellowship altogether. Hehe pretty exciting dontcha think? ;)

Cool right! hahaha I look like a professional xD
Besides all that, assignments and lab reports have been piling up and its not like highschool where I can just forget about homework. In college, shit gets real, its either you do what you gotta do or you screw up your life. Seriously, I have never been this hardworking in my life. Gosh... okay actually I don't really know what to type about coz I'm extremely tired :S

I apologize for the potong steam,
good night.

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