Thursday, May 16, 2013

Start of something new.

Hey guys! I'm back with a new post in like.. 4 months! Which isn't too bad actually. Haha! So hmm, these past few months have been somewhat interesting and yet extremely BORING. Oh mai gash. Ever since SPM, I had been on holiday for a pretty long time and most of my days were spent gaming, facebooking, youtubing and just lazing around the house. But as of right now, I have finally entered COLLEGE. Man, time seemed to have just flew out the window. One moment you're entering highschool and before you know it you're already in college. Oh! GOOD NEWS, I received my SPM results in March and.......*drum rolls*

I GOT STRAIGHT A'S!! Wooooooot. 5A+ 4A and 1A-

Seriously, this was definitely definitely a blessing from God. If you actually read my last post you would see how unconfident I was in my ability to score for exams. Ahaha!! When I heard it at first I thought it was too good to be true but yay! Thank God. Because of these results my parents, relatives, some friends and even some strangers were overjoyed about it... especially my parents lol. My dad bought me a piano which I had always hoped for ever since I was small and my mom said she'd buy me a car (woot) . Studying definitely has its rewards peeps ;)

Anyways, life has been getting pretty tough lately. Not because of anything specific events or occasions but simply due to my mentality of it. I have no idea why, but I seem to have this negative image about life and this world. Its not like I want to, but it feels automatic. I mentioned before that I was still trying to find that better perspective about life (which I still have not) and when I try to do so I feel like I'm just lying to myself. People always look at me and think that my life so great just coz I do a lot of things but to be honest I can't feel the same way hah. I'm becoming emo and depressed.. argghhh its so annoying. Dayum man, forget about all this emo and sad shit. Lets talk about something more happy.

Hmmmmm, okay maybe I'll post some pics :D
These are the few events since 2012 to 2013 (shit I should be doing my chem homework)

   Genting highlands show! (1 week)

Can u spot me? xD

Andddd AUSTRALIA!!!(see below)

its koala bear.. omg so KEWT.

                                                                        Gail and steven!

We brought kungfu to aussie.

                                                                         More kungfu.


Camel riding~

the beach there is SUPEEER NICE AND CLEAN!!

Sooo australia was pretty awesome.. did many fun stuff there! Too many pics to post haha. Now back to Malaysia...

Hyperactive crew first performance

I got short hair! lol xD

The 4 siblings :)

Birthday in studio x)

More hyperactive performancess

Im Superman.


Totally suited up.

Hyperactive dance concert!!

LED suits. damn cool.

Christmas eve show prac.. which tak jadi btw :(

APYAC 2012 !

Meanwhile I sempat go for flash mob during apyac. hahaha

Christmas and sister :)

Chilese new year wif teh famileh.

Karaoke wif teh famileh.

Japanese buffet wif hypehacteve.

Yukidance in der house.

Bai Nian wif these hyperactivity people

Wedding proposal flash mob for our dear fren :)

The happily married couple! woolala~

SPM results day! (one of the happiest day of my life i think)

My class monitor.. and pretty awesome guy :)

Celebration dinner with grandmama.

Easter dance performance in Glad Tidings xD

ooo yeaah ;D

Anugerah collection day in school

Wif da boyzz

Wif da Hyperactivez.


I'm Done.

I dunno why I chose to do this over my Chemistry homework.. oh wait.. I do know.. coz homework sucks :(
So yeah.. these are the happenings of my past 2 years. And you're probably wondering, how can this guy be some emo shit right? I KNOW! I'm thinking the same thing LOL. Oh well... what to do. I need to get myself some happy juice. So if you got some please share with me. I'll be grateful :) Ok that's about it. Until next time. Tata.

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