Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Yoooz! Its a new day peeple. Been pretty busy lately with college and stuff. Its like every morning I have classes till late afternoon. Geee, its like highschool all over again except more tiring! In college everyone is like so uptight and like jaga image kind. Guess I'm not used to all this yet lol! Anyways while eating lunch my sis just now ka mun came out of nowhere. So yeah got to catch up with her and well, talk about things. And a little later isabelle also came out of nowhere. Lol what an amazing coincidence. Hahahha.

Gosh. Well its nice to see some old friends again after so long and just have a nice talk. Oh and I met this girl today who was just sooo friendly that even though we just met she made me feel as if we've known each other for a long time. Haha! I should seriously learn a skill like that. Its so cool how people can be so friendly sometimes, I'd just get awkward and run out of things to say or talk about lmao. Haiz fail mee.

Aite just a short fast update. Supa tired gonna hit the sack.

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