Friday, May 24, 2013

No offense.

You know how people say "No offense" right after offending a person? The irony of it right? Lol. Now days more and more people just wanna be the nice guy or gal who doesn't offend anybody just to be loved or accepted by society. But you know what I say? Heck it, if you aren't pleased with something or someone, SPEAK OUT. Its better than just wearing a mask and getting along with someone you don't like. Of course offending a person isn't a nice thing to do, but being a hypocrit ain't very nice either.

The key word here is honesty, if you got something not nice to say about a person, say it to that person, not everyone else. To be honest I'm also giving myself a dose of my own advice. Its so hard to be completely honest with people and to tell them how you truly feel. I'm a guy who doesn't like confrontation. But I learnt that it is necessary for any relationship whether between family,friends or gf/bf.

Anyways thats all I wanted to rant about. Just got back from a exhausting day of basketball and dance prac. Oh and dance competition tomorrow PLJ crew at Publika! Hope we do well :D

PLJ ALL DA WAY !!! Peace out.

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