Friday, May 17, 2013

My blog name.

I just realised that I've been posting quite a lot about me being emo and depressed... which is SO contradicting to my blog title 'SMILE' LOL. Ahhh crap, maybe I should change it to 'Frown' and like, play really saddening music. Heh. Hmm by the way just a thought came to mind.. maybe the reason I feel purposeless, bored and lost is because life is like a game, where in the game after you reach the maximum level and have done all the quest and whatever there is to do in the game, you just get bored of it. Hahaha. It kinda makes sense for me coz I'm quite a hardcore gamer and I get really bored of a game after I've completed it.

Well, not saying I've done everything in life, but I've done almost everything I set out to do ever since I was young... I NEED SOME NEW INSPIRATIONS! Any ideas? Hope I'll find it soon or I'll start going craazzy. Ok well that's all I wanted to say. Ciao.

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